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The Records Management Program


An established Records Management Program promotes improved access to corporate information, supports decision making, insures compliance with the legislation that governs your industry, and prevents risks.




  • The ability to make informed business decisions by improving the access to current, reliable and accurate business records 


  • Through organizing information more effectively and following prescribed retention procedures, your organization will be able to locate information quicker and minimize missing information (especially in legal holdings), which, in turn, will lead to cost reductions


  • Protection of vital information is a factor in sustaining corporate continuance


  • Reduced duplication of records decreases space requirements and supply costs


  • Sustained information integrity and completeness supports compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements, thus  improving corporate governance 


  • Deploying document technologies and records keeping processes will contribute to the efficient retrieval of information and reduction of space, time and costs


  • Disposal of redundant or unnecessary records minimizes legal exposure


  • Integrity and access to complete and consistent information have the most impact on customer service


  • Reduce business risk by improving organizational ability to produce complete, accurate and official records for auditors, courts or regulators from secure records repositories as well as minimizing the legal risk of retaining business records for too long or not long enough