Records Management Consulting



Take the following tongue-in-cheek quiz to
evaluate your Records Management Program

Remember that even one wrong answer can suggest that you have a Records Management problem in your organization.

(Hover your cursor over Yes or No to see comments)







Do you have a formal Records Management Program?

Yes              No

Are the electronic records included in your Records Management Program?

Yes               No

Do your Records Management policies and procedures address electronic records?

Yes              No

Do you have comprehensive Records Retention Schedules that you follow and which
include electronic records?

Yes             No

Do you have formal policies and procedures to respond to legal discovery requests for

Yes             No

Do you currently have a formal system for Records Hold Orders?

Yes             No

Does your system for Records Hold Orders include electronic records?

Yes             No

Can you successfully demonstrate that your electronic records are accurate, reliable and

Yes             No

Do you have in place formal policies and procedures for migrating older records so that
they will be accessible throughout the prescribed Record Retention Schedule?

Yes             No

Do you have a formal email policy regarding retention practices for email?

Yes             No   

Now add up your ‘yes’ answers and multiply by 10 to arrive at your Records
Management Program’s level of compliance.
    •        100% compliance = No worries
    •        80%-100% = Not bad, but the program needs some work
    •        65%-80% = You have some real problems and need to get to work solving them before the lawyers and the auditors find out
    •        Under 65% = You need a records management program because you don’t have one

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