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Records Management Consulting



InfoMatrix Records Management Consulting is dedicated to the provision of quality
Records Management consulting services.

We are a completely independent company: we do not represent, nor are allied with any
of the vendors in our industry and thus have no bias in our work and recommendations.
We offer our clients solutions based on the modern principles of Records Management and
that take in to consideration the latest standards and technologies.

We believe that successful consulting is conditioned by solid expertise in the field as well
as experience in the application domain and in the delivery of consulting services. But we
pride ourselves in the customized services we offer, always giving priority to the needs of
the particular client.

Our solutions to clients' Records Management problems are always predicated on the
specifics of the client's situation. While we bring you the experience gained from previous
projects, this is merely a starting point in developing a solution tailored for you. We
understand that each client is unique and we develop our solutions accordingly.

We will provide effective, practical, and innovative solutions to the problems that you are
encountering in managing your information resources.


"For an organization to manifest good governance there must be compliance;
and to achieve compliance, there has to be effective records management."

(Cohasset Associates Inc., White Paper 2005, Electronic Records Management Survey)









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