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Services aimed at developing Records Management programs that give organizations better
control over their information holdings:
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 Assess Your Needs

An InfoMatrix Records Management Needs Assessment will evaluate the records management practices of your organization,
for each step of the records lifecycle, and will deliver a report of Findings and Recommendations and a Strategic Plan for the
implementation of our recommendations. The Report will address all pertinent core records management issues, as well as
issues related to compliance with legislative, regulatory and industry standards.
Other issues addressed by the Report concern governance, media migration options, change management and document
technologies, as required. InfoMatrix can also audit existing records management programs or individual program elements
such as your retention schedule, micrographic or imaging operations, policies and procedures, etc. 

 Findings and Recommendations

The Findings sections of an InfoMatrix Needs Assessment Report will detail the current situation, identify the records
management problems or gaps in existing practices, and articulate the implications of maintaining the status quo.
The Recommendations sections will propose practical, realistic, and customized solutions to your record-keeping problems
based on sound records management principles, standards and practices. Recommendations will be accompanied by
appropriate economic and/or strategic justifications for action.

Strategic Planning

InfoMatrix Needs Assessment Reports include a Strategic Plan to implement the reportís recommendations.
The plan will specify the required resources and expertise, projects and tasks, timelines, and costs. Where appropriate,
 multiple options, combining external and internal resources, will be provided.   

Policies and Procedures

Policy and Procedures are essential for defining your records management program.  InfoMatrix can develop new policy and
procedures or enhance, update or consolidate existing policies and procedures.  The Policy outlines the records management
program statement, provides definitions, defines roles, responsibilities, concepts, standards, and guidelines.  Procedures
describe the resources, tasks and timelines involved in running your program.

Records Keeping System Design

InfoMatrix can develop all the elements necessary to establish a comprehensive departmental or corporate Records
Management Program. The program will provide fundamental components such as Policies and Procedures,
File Classification and Records Retention. 
Simply stated, the File Classification is the structure applied to provide a common approach to organizing business
records and the Records Retention refers to the determination of the period of time you are required to retain records
based on administrative, operational, audit, legislative and historical needs. The program components can be expanded
to include education and training programs, vital records protection, image management, and archives management.

File Classification and Records Retention are the cornerstones of your Records Management Program and should
manage all your business records, regardless of the type of medium. InfoMatrix can develop departmental or corporate
file classification schemes that are function-based and aligned with your business processes. Records retention practices
are based on legislative and non-legislative requirements specific to the jurisdictions in which your organization does business.

 Solutions to Manage Your Business Records

InfoMatrix will draw on our consultantsí decades of experience, as well as their professional background and skills, to develop
practical, realistic, and customized solutions based on sound records management principles, standards and practices.
Our objective is to provide cost effective answers to your records management problems and, by enhancing information integrity,
to allow more informed and timely business decisions to be made. The application of document technologies is frequently part
 of the solution set, many times playing the role of an enabler or enhancer to the recommended records management systems.

Implement Your Records Management Program

InfoMatrix can play a variety of roles in the pilot or enterprise-wide implementation of your records management program. 
At a minimum, InfoMatrix can provide leadership through project management or periodic implementation reviews. 
Full implementation services are also available and can include the application of classification and retention, user training and
software deployment.

Staff Training

InfoMatrix can design and deliver records management education and training modules tailored to your the needs of your
organization and staff. The modules can range from a basic records management orientation module to customized detailed
training modules for your records management professionals. Records management seminars and workshops for your
organization or indus
try meetings can also be developed and delivered.

Solutions to meet Your Business Objectives

The most important aspect of the records management solutions we provide is that they support your business objectives,
address your business risks, and streamline your records keeping processes. These may be objectives such as productivity,
revenue generation, customer service, cost containment, or legislative compliance.   


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